This is the Bad Apple!! music video, brought to XO-CHIP for Octojam 9.

It's been interesting to see this video playing on various retro systems in recent years, and I thought it would be fun to see if I could squeeze it down for the XO-CHIP!  Can all 220 seconds really fit in 64KB?

This Octojam has been a whirlwind of learning to code for XO-CHIP, writing an encoder, writing the player, fixing bugs in the encoder, squeezing more compression out, trying to speed the decoder up that last little bit ... and finding a bug in Octo at the last minute that prevented it from playing properly there (which was fixed with 30 minutes of reporting it!).

This is known to run in both Octo and c-octo.  It runs acceptably at 1000 instructions per frame, but is a bit smoother if you crank it higher.

I also have to give shoutouts to Timendus and Kouzeru, who released their excellent version of the same thing just one day earlier!  Check it out -- the music in their version is truly incredible!

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bad_apple.ch8 63 kB
octo.rc 710 bytes

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